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My vision is for the OD Network in New York to lead this transformation globally by providing a platform for communication that can be replicated elsewhere. We want to develop programs, workshops, and presentations that help you be successful in your role.

We also plan to have more interaction with other OD Networks around the country and with national so not only will you be able to connect locally, but also on a much grander scale.

And we're going to have fun doing it too!


Jason Myers

President of the Board, ODN of New York

In our first roundtable session in January, we collaborated to uncover the significant issues facing the field of OD.

Over 90 percent of survey respondents agreed that the top issue was "It's hard to get leaders to understand the value we bring." Please scroll all the way to the end of this newsletter to see the complete survey results.

Other top responses included:

                        • 57% said "Our Clients don't understand what we do" and "The OD Role is not clearly defined."
                        • 42% indicated that "We are not invited to the table with business", "We as a profession don't agree about what OD is" and "Things change quickly and globally."

Recently, I had a call from a consultant in Switzerland proposing an article topic for OD Innovator Magazine on a project with Swiss Re, a global reinsurance company, where they had designed an operating model of one of their units, purely through the involvement of their employees.

"Typically, you would do such projects top-down, with well-established methods. This time, the approach of designing the operating model of an entire unit was completely bottom-up, also instilling agile mechanisms such as cross-functional working groups, designing the operating model in short cadences, and more."

An intriguing concept, for sure. But when we delved into the particulars of what they were doing, they realized that they hadn't consulted with their internal OD practitioners.

They hadn't even thought about it.

Because leaders don't understand what OD practitioners do, in many cases they aren't connecting OD with organizational effectiveness, yet it’s exactly what they’re trying to do.

Organization development has never been more critical for today's modern complex organization, and helping you close that gap--connecting it to strategy, is what I see as the mission of the OD Network in New York.

It’s clear that leaders are already doing organization development; they're just not calling it that, and so we're on a mission close that gap.

Over the next year, we'll be hosting live events such as roundtables, book reviews, panel presentations, and webinars.

The content is intended to be as collaborative as possible, to provide the opportunity to meet and learn from peers on an ongoing basis.


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