ODNNY Mentoring Program

Join our mentoring program and actively contribute to your OD community!

We are now recruiting mentors and mentees for our new Mentorship Program. All participants are ODNNY members in good standing who believe they would benefit from participating in a mentoring relationship in either a mentee or mentor role

ODNNY believes we have an obligation to support our members’ professional development and a vested interest in the future growth and enrichment of the OD community. Mentoring is one method that enables us to contribute to both.

There are a number of benefits to both mentors and mentees from participation in ODNNY’s Mentoring Program.

Benefits to Mentors include:

  • Interaction with the next generation of OD professionals to expand your professional network
  • Opportunity to "give back" to others and impact the future of OD and our OD community
  • Obtain a fresh perspective from your mentee including potential peer-to-peer/reverse mentoring
  • Limited three-months to one-year commitment of up to two hours per contracted session

Benefits to Mentees include:

  • Knowledge development in various aspects of the OD industry
  • Connection with experts in the OD community for an expanded professional network
  • Expertise, advice, and mentoring on a regular basis from a more experienced professional

The mentorship program was overhauled and launched in the 2013-2014 programming season. During the September 2013 program, Mentoring Success, ODNNY’s new Mentorship Program was announced. Initially, the program will start with a maximum of 10 mentee/mentor pairings. ODNNY’s Mentorship Program will have four types of mentoring pairings:

  • Traditional one-to-one mentor and mentee
  • Peer-to-peer one-to-one where individuals mentor each other
  • Group mentoring where there are multiple mentees with similar goals being paired with one or two mentors
  • Group peer-to-peer mentoring where individuals mentor each other

The program includes training to provide participants with the skills and knowledge to engage in effective mentoring relationships from both side of the “mentoring equation.” The inaugural training was held on Saturday, April 12, 2014, and is a requirement for participation in ODNNY’s Mentorship Program. We have partnered with Dr. Neil Yeager to develop and deliver this impactful training. Participants will receive a certificate of completion.

For further information, please see the following links or email mentoring@odnny.org.