May 18, 2015 - "The ODNNY Salon - A Space for Exchanging Ideas"

On May 18, 2015, ODNNY hosted it's first "Salon" as a opportunity to exchange ideas and network within the ODNNY community.  We solicited 15 minute presentations and held a vote to determine which 3 would be presented to open the evening.  After these presentations, we opened the mike to those who would like to offer a conversation topic, share their work, or pose a question. The evening finished with an informal exchange of ideas in breakout conversations.
The three opening presentations were: 
  • Creating Environments & Cultures Conducive to Employee Wellbeing: Mikhail Pozin will share his research correlating physical workspace and office structures to employee wellbeing. Poorly designed workspaces are primary causes of low engagement, satisfaction, motivation, creativity, focus and collaboration. They also contribute to higher stress levels, illness, absenteeism and turnover.
  • Promoting an Internal Networking Culture: Michael Soto will share "Randomized Coffee Trials", a process he helped create at Nesta, the UK innovation foundation. This simple process of connecting colleagues from across the company resulted in a friendlier work environment, more effective use of internal resources, and a flourishing of new ideas.
  • SOAR: Denise Lalonde will share an emerging strategic thinking model that evolved from Appreciative Inquiry. A strength-based alternative to SWOT, SOAR is a stakeholder engagement model that supports vision and goal setting.


The presentations from the presentations are attached.