Follow-up from Reimagine, Revitalize and Reignite ODNNY

We would like to extend our heartfelt thanks to all who joined together on May 10th for our program to Reimagine, Revitalize, and Reignite ODNNY. Much is continuing to unfold as a result of that evening, and we want to share a follow-up with our entire community. The evening held two rounds of inquiry with four breakouts each, using a modified charrette process.* We came together as a whole after each round for knowledge sharing, with the first round determining the topics of the second. The complete breakout notes are attached.

The evening closed with three requests, each one of which is generating very positive results.

The requests:

  • We need Board members, most critically a Vice President who will be willing to step into the President role on July 1st. Additional Board positions are also open.
  • We need volunteers. Our highest priority at the moment is to build our marketing and programming committees.
  • We need corporate members - especially those who can offer us free space for our programs.

The results:

  • We are very excited to share that Amy Pasquale will assume the role of ODNNY President. Amy has been involved with the Board in the past, and we are thrilled that she has agreed to lead the organization going forward! 
  • We greatly appreciate that multiple people have stepped forward to volunteer in some capacity - to serve on the Board, to serve on a committee, for ad hoc projects, or to be part of a task force. We are re-assessing our Board positions and plan to add at least one Director, if not more. We are also reviewing how to best incorporate our volunteer community in our work. If you are interested in sharing your time and expertise with us, please contact board member Laura Espriu.
  • Two organizations have approached us regarding corporate membership and we could not be happier! We are currently in the process of exploring a relationship with each.

We hope to see you at our Experiential Facilitation and Networking Workshop on June 21st, which builds on feedback we received during the charrette. This will wrap up our 2015/16 program year, with 2016/17 programs starting in September. We welcome your thoughts and feedback at all times. Please stay in touch.

With thanks & warm wishes,

The ODNNY Board of Directors

*The evening was designed as a modified charrette process, borrowing elements of the full process that could be completed within a 2-hour timeframe. For information about charrettes and the complete process, we recommend reviewing material by the National Charrette Institute.

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