2012-2013 ODNNY Programs

Here is a list and brief description of the programs ODNNY will be presenting during the 2012-2013 season.

September 11, 2012 - ODNNY & NJOD Joint Open Space Kick-off Event

Broaden your horizons and your network at the same time as the OD Network of New York and the New Jersey OD Network kick off our programming seasons together with an Open Space exploration of important OD topics at The Milano School of International Affairs, Management and Urban Policy.

October 17, 2012 - The Art and Practice of Mindfulness

Mindfulness has its roots in meditation and Buddhist tradition, but it’s finding its way into the top echelons of the corporate world. Companies like General Mills, Google and Genentech are finding that mindfulness is a useful technique to reduce stress and enhance listening, concentration and focus. Mindfulness involves maintaining present-moment awareness with gentle, non-judgmental attention. Its benefits have been scientifically proven. Join us to understand how organizations are incorporating mindfulness and experience mindfulness for yourself!

November 7, 2012 - Hold on to Your Talent! How To Engage, Develop, and Retain Your Employees - Event was cancelled recognizing difficulties in Hurricane Sandy's aftermath.

Have you noticed corporations spend countless amounts of time and money training and developing talent, only to see them walk out the door to another company -- sometimes even a competitor? Has it happened in your company? Given that the new normal is for talent to no longer to stay at a job for more than a few years, how should organizations approach career development in order to drive retention and engagement? Please join us for an interactive discussion focused on what managers can do to support employees’ career development.

Work-Life Balance. We hear about it, desire it, fight about it, legislate for it, and lose our minds over not having enough of it. Some of us even lose our jobs over it. The topic is so intensely prevalent in the current conversation about working life that it almost seems like it’s just lip service with no guts or substance, but it’s not. The good news is people are getting real traction on the matter. ODNNY has brought together a stellar panel of speakers who tackle this deeply personal yet universal topic of balancing careers, family and other responsibilities.

January 16, 2013 - Smart Risk Taking: How to Go Out on a Limb without Falling Off

Risk-taking is at the heart of driving growth. No organization or leader can hope to survive these days maintaining the status quo. But not all risks are created equal. When done intelligently, taking risks improves performance, stokes innovation, and invigorates individuals and businesses alike. Join ODNNY for a discussion on how you and the leaders of your organizations can become more comfortable taking smart risks.

February 5, 2013 - Designing Spaces for Positive Impact

ODNNY, in partnership with Milano The New School of International Affairs, Management and Urban Policy, will host a unique program focusing on the design of space as an element of sustainability and on the impact of that space on organizational behavior and culture. This is the third installment of our ongoing series exploring the role of Organization Development in Sustainability, and adds to the OD practitioner’s toolkit in a way that is often overlooked.

March 11, 2013 - How OD Can Support Global Workforces

We are living and working in a time when we have to consider the global implications of decisions made about projects and resources. But perhaps most importantly, we have to consider the implications for our workforce. How do HR, OD and leadership evolve as organizations determine their near shore/offshore and inshore strategies? We welcome three dynamic speakers to discuss working globally and the financial, technological and cultural impacts it can have on organizations.

April 23, 2013 - Building A Case For OD

Learn how to frame and prove your value. Understand how you can offer tangible, relevant, and measurable benefits for engaging in OD initiatives. Whether you’re in non-profit, for profit, internal to an organization or an external consultant - you know it’s more important than ever for organizations to do this work. Learn how to talk about OD in a way that turns the uninformed into converts. Jay Spach, an OD Consultant who has been making that case for 20 years, will be our speaker.

May 9, 2013 - Social Enterprises: The Next Generation of Start Ups

This age of social activism and social entrepreneurship will spawn more and more non-profit organizations (NPOs). Join us for a discussion about the process of incubating non-profit organizations, building capacity in non-government organizations and identifying the business practices critical to be effective in the growing market of social ventures.

June 6, 2013 - Creating a Culture of Innovation

Companies such as Google, Apple, Amazon, 3M, and LinkedIn are known as “innovative” - not only as organizations but for their game changing contributions in their chosen industries. In today’s constantly changing world where companies are competing for consumers’ short-lived attention, innovation is more than just a new industry-distrupting product – it’s a requirement for survival. But do you know how they created the capacity for innovation within their organization? Join ODNNY for a panel discussion to learn what supports, and impedes, a culture of innovation.